Residential Care

At TCM Care, our philosophy adopts the person-centred approach, so when delivering day-to-day care practice, the identity of an individual is at the centre of what we do. As a result of fostering a model of care that looks at the ‘whole person’ – and not a person’s ability or medical capacity; TCM Care continues to uphold a commitment to offering peace of mind to both an individual and their family alike.

Each TCM Care Home provides a place where individuals can flourish within a supportive and enabling environment: one that offers friendship, an enriching engagement programme, and the opportunity to maintain links with the wider community.

Furthermore, each member of staff at TCM Care is committed to delivering a service that knows more than just an individual’s name and face. With the support of a bespoke initial assessment, use of Person Centred Software (Mobile Care Monitoring) – an intelligent mobile solution for care planning, reporting and care interactions – and ongoing reviews and evaluations regarding a person’s priorities and preferences, staff can continue to deliver the highest quality of care in line with the company’s over-arching person-centred philosophy as well as providing staffing solutions to private care homes across London.

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